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Cost reduction of up to 50% with Production 50®

Possible by using selected high-tech tools in combination with new production strategies.

MMC Hitachi Tool protects Production50®  brand.

MMC Hitachi Tool is one of the most innovative tool manufacturers in the world and provides its users not only with high-tech tools, but also with customer support which is second to none, reports Markus Fischer, Technical Application Manager Europe, Hilden.

Chart: Cost distribution
Cost distribution
in the die & mould industry

“Production50®  is a manufacturing concept that we developed in 2001 especially for the die and mould industry”, says Mr Fischer expanding on his favourite subject.  “The manufacturing concept behind Production50® can be condensed into one simple maxim: overall manufacturing costs can be cut by up to 50% by using sophisticated, customised tools in combination with new strategies and appropriate cutting conditions.

We have not restricted ourselves just to reducing cutting costs. Factors such as machine costs, programming times and subsequent machining also come into play.

Even if metal-cutting tools only amount to around 5% of production costs, they still offer the greatest potential for cutting total production costs by up to 50%. So as to provide evidence for verification of this strategy, overall projects were carried out with key accounts on a Europe-wide basis. Only the newest generation of MMC Hitachi Tools was used for processes ranging from roughing to super-fine finishing. Production time for cutting was reduced by 50% as confirmed in the product costing analysis.

Chart: Cost reduction with Production50®
Cost reduction with Production50®

The Production50® concept was introduced to a number of users during a series of “benchmark days” which MMC Hitachi Tool organised in conjunction with well-known machine manufacturers.”

This allowed die and mould producers to become familiar with the Production50®  brand.  MMC Hitachi Tool has therefore now had Production50® protected worldwide as there is clearly much more to it than just a name.”

Fischer himself is so enthusiastic and committed to the MMC Hitachi Tool Production50® concept that he says, “if it didn’t sound so much like an advertising promotion, we could promise each customer a money-back guarantee”.

Markus Fischer, MMC Hitachi Tool Europe, Hilden



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